Sonic Youth "Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With the Magic Penis"
Head of David "Bugged"
UT "Fire in Philly"

Big Black "Kerosene"
Sonic Youth "Magic Wand"
Rapeman "Dutch Courage"
Dinosaur Jr "Bulbs of Passion"
Lee Ranaldo "Scratchy Heart"
Ciccone Youth "****"
UT "Evangelist"
Head of David "Snake Domain"
Big Black "He's a Whore"
Big Stick "Devil's Jukebox"
Head of David "108"
A.C. Temple "Sheikh"
Rapeman "Just Got Payed Today"
Band of Susans "Throne of Blood"
Arsenal "Little Hitlers"
Butthole Surfers "Jimi"

Lunachicks "Jan Brady"

7" single collection of Nothing Short of Total War with extra track

Blast First 1989