1. The Jesus Lizard "Uncommonly Good"
2. Shellac "Killers"
3. Sebadoh "Whole Hog"
4. June of '44 "Rivers and Plains"
5. The Coctails "Wood Bee"
6. Guided by Voices "Beneath a Festering Moon"
7. Archers of Loaf "Mark Price P.I."
8. Bad Livers "Wild Bill Jones"
9. Yo La Tengo "Attack on Love"
10. Mekons "Axcerpt"
11. Superchunk "Fader Rules"
12. Seam "The Prizefighters"
13. Tortoise "Restless Waters"
14. Rachel's "Those Pearls"

All fourteen bands and the staff of Touch and Go
Records assure you that unlike many benefit CDs,
every single penny of profit that would normally
be made by the bands and T & G will go directly
to Lounge Ax in order to recover their legal debts,
relocate to a friendlier neighborhood
and continue to provide music, in all its forms,
to the city of Chicago.